A voyage in lights

The traditions of mountain architecture have been reinvented by AW2 Paris and JP Emery & Partners Architecture in Crans. Here, architecture is in constant dialogue with nature; the building’s design and materials are in perfect harmony with the surroundings.

Local culture guided and inspired our design phase, which is visible in the use of quartzite stone façades, local larch and oak species, and slate roofs. Wherever possible, we use local know-how and artisans, and respect biodiversity by using local materials.

Guided by nature

In order to achieve sustainability, each region of the world demands a specific architectural approach. Mountain areas, with their complex ecosystem and dynamic climates, offer an exciting challenge.

In order to preserve the natural equilibrium and minimise the impact of the buildings on the environment, Six Senses works with specialists with cutting-edge expertise.

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Our architecture is architecture of fusion, rooted in our travels and past experience and looks towards new ideas and challenges. - Reda Amalou & Stéphanie Ledoux, AW2 Paris

Six Senses Package

The AW2 design office has reinvented the classics of mountain architecture in a cozy and bright style. Bespoke interior and exterior furniture and carefully chosen materials complement the apartment with stylish and authentic interior design.

By choosing this option, your apartment will be delivered fully furnished and
decorated, and can thus be rented out through the resort. You have, however, the possibility of purchasing your apartment unfinished and decorating it according to your own taste.

Six Senses is pleased to provide a design platform that ensures you will be living at the height of style.

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Living in the landscape

Spaces we created for you are spacious and functional at the same time as being warm and light. The scalable technological systems installed by Six Senses, in particular IOT, the Internet of Things, provide full control over the property’s interior devices, lighting, and temperature. The quality of your experience is in the details, with innovative yet discreet technologies which optimise respect for the environment.

Living up high

The Six Senses residences allow you to experience unique architecture and benefit from personalised activities.

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